Class Procedures

Homework & Parental Engagement/ Support Plan
Homework expectationsHomework consists of a variety of things including introduction to new material, practice opportunities, intervention, and remediation. Like an athlete who must condition, practice, and refine their skills to improve their performance, students must also practice and refine their skills through homework to improve their learning. Teachers are expected to assign homework and students are expected to do it! Homework is essential and provides information to students, parents, and teachers about the student’s progress.

Quizzes / Exams
Vocabulary, grammar and culture quizzes. There will be a unit test (comprehensive exams) at the end of First and Third quarter and there will be final test at the end of each Semester
I do not offer extra credit. Do your best effort on every assignment.

Food – Restroom – Devices in Class Policy
Food: Students are not allowed to eat in class. Parents must send a note to the teacher if there is any medical reason or special need to indicate that your child should eat in class. Students are allowed to drink water in class.

Restroom: Students are expected to go to the restroom, locker or drink water during passing periods or during lunchtime. Students will receive their hall pass for the quarter. Students will ask for their teacher signature and take their pass with them to their destination. Once all 3 passes boxes are used, you have no passes for the remainder of the quarter. No passes during the first and last 10 minutes of class. If your caught using someone else`s pass card you will be disciplined. Parents should contact the teacher if there are any medical conditions or special need in this matter.

Devices (Cellular Phone) The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is not permitted during class time.
The Impact of Smartphones VIDEO

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students will follow the Personal Technology Policy.
  • Students will place their electronic device/accessory in the Yondr pouch.
  • Students will participate in a Fly By when unlocking their pouch.

Responsible Technology Use
Cell phones are not allowed in classes during classroom instruction.
 Teachers have autonomy to allow phones for instructional purposes but we are taking a hard stance on cell phone use given how distracting they are for the learning environment.  All students are given the privilege of utilizing our state of the art technological tools including iPods, iPads, Netbooks, Laptops, Google accounts etc. and are expected to follow the guidelines for technology use as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy. Students shall not:

  • Utilize the school system computer network for any illegal activity.
  • Access or link to websites that contain material deemed vulgar, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Use or display copyrighted or otherwise licensed material without specific permission or authorization  from the appropriate party.
  • Utilize the network for commercial purposes.
  • Post, use, or download any files that cause congestion or impede network operations.
  • Trespass in or vandalize another’s files, folders, data, or work.
  • Post anonymous messages or in any way misrepresent one’s own identity.
  • Use an account password of another user.
  • Use abusive or otherwise objectionable language in any message.
  • Use e-mail to promote the annoyance, attack, or harassment of others.

Consequences for misuse may include, but are not limited to, suspension of equipment access, disciplinary action commensurate with the level of misconduct, and/or legal action as appropriate.

Class Participation/Attendance
Students are expected to come to class prepared, both mentally and physically. If a student misses class, it is the student’s responsibility to get make-up notes and work. If a student can demonstrate mastery of the content on an assessment, they are not responsible for making up in-class daily work. If a student misses a test or quiz, they are expected to make up the assessment the day they return from their absence, unless a prior extension is given.